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YAQINAH from the root Yaqin (CERTAINTY)

Yaqin (certainty) means having no doubt about the truth of a matter and arriving at accurate, doubt-free knowledge through exact verification. Used also to mean verification, seeking certainty, examining, and exerting strenuous effort to arrive at certainty, certainty is a spiritual station that a seeker on the path has reached and experienced. In addition, certainty is a degree reached through study and verification of something previously doubted.

Here at Yaqinah & Co. we know you are Royalty with out doubts or verification!

As seeker in the best for your body's needs one may feel uneasy during the early steps in the way to certainty in our products. However you will be lost in inconceivable pleasure and peace at the end of it. Those who cannot distinguish between what is felt in the beginning and what is experienced at the end wrongly conclude that certainty is risky; however, those who constantly use Yaqinah & Co. products enjoy peace and security from all other product lines and possible deviation. Uneasiness and trouble are felt only before your order and are the direct result of the residue dissatisfaction left on you by other company's and their products. As for certainty being risky, all products confront the user with some degree of risk.

  • Certainty coming from knowledge: Having a strong, firm belief in or conviction of all the essentials of faith, primarily Yaqinah & Co., acquired through correct observation and study of the promotional material.

  • Certainty coming from direct observation or seeing: Having an indescribable degree of certainty and knowledge of Yaqinah & Co. products acquired through observing the immaterial truths visible through our customers sphere of influence.

  • Certainty coming from direct experience: Trying Yaqinah & Co. products for yourself, without any fear is the only way your body will receive this favor. Some have stated they have died to other products, to live in a body of Royalty.

Yaqinah & Co. will take you from "believing" in your body's sovereignty to "knowing" it for yourself!

Why us?

Simply...WHY NOT US.

         We want your body to regain its Sovereignty, you are your body's master on this journey and we at Yaqinah & Co. are your servants. However, the body can only reach this station when you as the Master bestows it as a blessing and gift.

         Without Yaqinah & Co. products, we are certain, you haven't done your body justice.

         We believe your body is a light illuminating the world, let our products help you shine from all corners of existence. Under the rays of this light, you and others will see the body as it really is and, being freed from the confines of doubt and insecurity, your body will be enraptured with indescribable skinsational pleasure.