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Why Chebe Powder!?!?!?!?!?

Posted on February 12, 2018 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (423)

Seirabi® NaturalCare from the Swahili and Aramaic languages meaning mirage or unobtainable, is here to set a tangible standard in natural hair care. Never before has there been such a phenomenal blend of the most natural ingredients to promote hair growth and strength. There is no longer a need to purchase 10 or more different products from several different manufactures to obtain the mirage they all promise. The truth for your hair is here. Seirabi® NaturalCare collection contains Chébé Powder From Chad.

Chebe is an ancient hair care product which traces its origin to the heart of Africa. It comprises a blend of indigenous aromatic ingredients and has been used for years by Chad women to lengthen their hairs. The Barase Arab women boast of thigh-length locks, thanks to the magic of Chebe. It is therefore not surprising that Yaqinah & Co.'s  hair products has attracted so much attention recently.

One of the major ingredients that make this product such powerful is the Lavender Croton. Over the years, this species has been used to fight inflammation. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it is a good choice to prepare products that prevent development scalp related issues such as fungus. The other ingredients are also edible substances.

Other ingredients that form part of Yaqinah & Co.'s Seirabi® NaturalCare powerful formulation are Mahalaba, Samouh, Organic Cloves and Humra perfume. Honestly, they are included to provide specific treatment such as moisturizing, conditioning, strengthening and seal moisture in the hair. Like Lavender Croton, Mahalaba has anti-inflammatory properties. It also has vasodilation, so it relaxes the blood vessels to allow blood to reach all parts of the scalp. This ensures that essential nutrients reach the intended parts to boost healthy hair development.

Apart from the above, Yaqinah & Co.'s Seirabi® NaturalCare incorporates a wide variety of ingredients with significant health benefits. For instance, cloves contain properties that can destroy parasites without affecting the host. Likewise, Samouh has 25% more protein than most cereals, so it facilitates healthy development of hairs. Humra perfume and Agarwood is what gives our Chebe Powder its unique aroma.

Yaqinah & Co.'s Seirabi® NaturalCare with Chebe offers numerous benefits to your hair. Considering the above ingredients, the powder can help to neutralize the PH level of the scalp and hair shaft. It also boosts the growth of a well-nourished mane which is long and black. Besides this, it is moisturizing and cleanses the scalp to keep away fungus and other scalp issues which can cause alopecia.

To get the most out of this formulation, you can use it in two ways. The first one involves using the product as a treatment. Seirabi® Kwatakye Atiko NaturalCare Hair Cream is mixed with Chebe Powder and Shea Butter make a heavy mousse. With this option, you apply Chebe to your mane about 2-3 times a week as a leave-in conditioner.

Apart from the above option, you can also diffuse the powder in oil. Yaqinah & Co. has  prepared a supe prior product, for the Royalty we serve. Seirabi® SesaWo Suban NaturalCare Hair Oil  has Chebe Powder diffuse in a highly concentrated form; therefore this formula must be shaken before each use. Seirabi® SesaWo Suban NaturalCare Hair Oil once a day or few times a week, whichever you prefer and desire.

If you admire people with long locks and wish to grow yours, then you need to consider using Yaqinah & Co.'s Seirabi® NaturalCare Collection. You will witness maximum results if you use our system as directed. However, we understand the 2-3 day routine needed for optimal care may not always be feasible, however your are Royalty aren't you worth the time tio find out.

How to Resurect your Edges

Posted on March 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (104)

You don't have to live without your edges, learn to regrow them and let Yaqinah & Co. show you how!


One of the biggest concerns my hair clients have is their edges. If you have a really thin hairline, it can be a  major source of frustration and stress. Hair that is strong, healthy,  is a desired feature beauty .


Yaqinah & Co. offers real hope for regrowing your edges; Yes even if you have struggled with them for your entire life!


First, let’s talk about some of the things that may be causing your edges to thin out. We will discuss a few suggestions you can do to help you. Biologically, your thin edges maybe just gentics, your mommma had then edegs your grandmomma had then egdes, baby girl your were born to have thin edges too. Aging is a part of life and then edge just goes along with the territory. Suprisingly common but not often discussed are those pesty scalp infections.  Health issue such as a thyroid disorder, alopecia, lupus or high bloood can also contribute to thin hair and edges. Did you know that new budle of joy you just had , could also be contribute to postpartum hair loss.  Yes girl you are not lossing your mind, the baby ( well the hormones)  not necessarily the stress of sleepless nights.  However, for many people, the cause is high levels of stress on your hairline from wearing tight braids/ponytails or weaves/wigs could very well be doing you in.


You’ve probably found yourself relating to at least one of these underlying causes. Am I right? So now that you have an idea of why your edges are thin, let’s talk about what you can do to remedy it!


1. The first thing that you should do is to immediately stop doing anything that is adding tension to your hair. You want to REGROW your edges right? This includes wearing tight braid/ponytails. Honey I know that  its just a natural tendency to pull your hair up for a quick do, but the stress on your edges is a killer!


2. Give your hair the chance to breathe! This means that you should ease up on the wigs and weaves sometimes. Yeah, I know…you love the versatility and ease of this protective style, but I promise you that you won’t love it when your edges continue to break off from all of the tension.


3. If you can’t give up the wigs and weaves, make sure you use some kind of oil on your edges every night in addition to moisturizing and sealing the rest of your hair. We recommend Seirabi® SesaWo Suban NaturalCare Hair Oil, but there are lots of others to consider, especially those that  include coconut, peppermint, olive, rosemary and castor oil. If you use an essential oil, be sure to mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive.


4. Stimulate your scalp by rubbing it with oils. This will help to get the blood circulating again as well as help to heal your hair’s follicles. Shear 7 Salon in Georgia is has a wonderful growth serum coming to the market soon for more info on this revolutionary hair treatment contact Tamara at


5. If your hair loss is due to a scalp infection, then you should invest in a quality antimicrobial/antifungal product. By getting rid of scalp infections (including fungus) you are allowing your pores to breathe and your hair follicles to be rejuvenated. Yaqinah & Co.'s Seirabi® Duafe NaturalCare Hair Wash contains severel anitmicrobial /antifungal ingredients including hyssop: a biblical and time tested anitfungal.


6. Consider your diet. You ar  what you eat and so is your hair. Vitamins such as zinc, Vitamin D, B-Complex Vitamins and Iron, are essential for healthy hair. Not having enough of these vitamins and mineralst may be part of why your hair is thining.  Take a look at your diet you might  want to start taking vitamins or a multivitamin.


7. Finally, when it comes to your hair, heat is NOT your friend. Try letting your air dry and reduce the use of flat ironing to straigten your.

Be well, Your Majesty!

It's time you learned to comb your hair the right way for growth

Posted on November 7, 2015 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (431)


We know you dying to have a larger than life afro or hair that hangs down to your waist, otherwise you would not be reading this blog or using Yaqinah & Co. products. Let me call your  attention to both your comb and the technique in which you are using it. Length retention starts with eliminating hair breakage and combing is the primary reason why curly and kinky hair breaks.


The Correct Techniques and Tools.

1. Section Hair


Listen natural, kinky,  curly or coily tends to have a lot of volume, so honey make your life easy by creating manageable sections. Four usually does the trick but with thicker or longer hair  more sections may be better. If you have short hair (under 4 inches) girl you're in luck because you can probablly go without sections. Use hair bands bobbalobs, knockers or clips to keep the hair under control  and out of the way. Now,  if you have tight curls or major shrinkage consider loosely braiding or twisting the sections and washing with Seirabi®'s Natural Care Hair Wash then conditioning them in this way.

2. Wet or  Dry?


Breakage is likely to happen whether hair is combed wet or dry so don't trip. Whatever method you choose is really a question of preference and ease so do you. If you experience breakage during wet combing it probably because although hair is very flexible, its strength and ability to resist the force applied from combing is at its lowest point. Now on the other hand, when hair is dry, it is at its strongest but it lacks flexibility and therefore is likely to snap. The ideal condition for combing your hair for growth is when hair is mostly dry (about 80%) so that it is strong and pliable. However, no matter what your preference, consider using Seirabi® Kwatakye Atiko Natural Care Cream or Seirabi® SesaWo Suban NaturalCare Hair Oil  to increase slip and help reduce damage and promote growth.

3. Use your Hands


Hello....fingers are the first and for people some the only tool to use. When detangling with your fingers make sure your nails are smooth and do not snag your hair as you part it. Ideally try to make use of your finger pads rather than nails to separate the strands as not to scratch and damage your scalp.

4. Seamless Combs


If you have upgraded to a wide spaced shower comb pat youself on the back! Now take it one step futher with the seamless comb which essentially has no rough edges. These are fairly expensive in comparison to a regular comb but are well worth it.

5. Brushes


If you have fine hair that is split end prone, getting rid or your brush. However, if you have thicke dense hair, brushes are you best friend. Brushing should come last as the brush bristles are closely spaced together compared to other tools (fingers and wide spaced combs).

6. Look at Your Hair


Once you are done combing, examine the hair that you have removed. Pay attention to whether you can see hair bulbs or not. Some people are just goofy and want to see that all hair has a bulb. We at Yaqinah & Co. are more flexible and say about 60-70%%, accepting that some hair is kinky and will always sustain some breakage.Now  The one thing that you do need to get rid are those tiny little wisps or fly away of hair, those arenot your friend get a trim to promote growth.