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Learn how to Use Yaqinah & Co.'s African Black Soap

Posted on July 8, 2020 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (147)

How to Use African Black Soap So You Won’t Dry Out Or Irritate Your Skin

One of the greatest benefits of African black soap is that it is considered safe to use on any skin types. Whether you have dry, oily, normal, combination or even sensitive skin, African Black soap be very extremely beneficial to your skin.


However, like anything you put on your skin, just because it works for some or most people, don’t mean it will work the same for you. Everyone’s skin will react in a different way depending on both the product and personal skin type. We’ve outlined the best ways to use African Black soap no matter what your skin type is and how to get the most benefits out of this great product.


Why use Yaqinah & Co. African Black Soap

African Black soap from Yaqinah & Co. is made with 100% Natural Pure vegetable oils and no animal byproducts whatsoever. Ours is made of a unique blend of Natural Shea Butter. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to protect your skin in all kinds of conditions.


The reason for our specific blend is due to the moisturizing effect of natural Shea Butter which helps to protect and heal dry skin conditions like eczema, blemishes, and acne. While the Aloe Vera helps reduce external skin irritations and soothes the skin and Vitamin E Acetate keeps the skin young and healthy-looking.


Yaqinah & Co.'s African Black Soap

What It’s Like to Use African Black Soap

If it’s your first time using this soap you might notice that your skin feels dryer and tighter, even if you normally have oily skin. Typically this reaction will only last a week. It is thought to occur in some people because the soap is drawing impurities out of your skin. Once the PH level of your skin balances out the tight, dry feeling will go away.


Some people also find that African Black soap makes their skin tingle, but like the tight, dry feeling this should resolve itself in a week. If you normally have sensitive skin it’s a good idea to test the soap out on a small area of your body to see if you have a reaction. Additionally, those who have a chocolate allergy or are sensitive to caffeine may also experience a reaction to this soap.


Yaqinah & Co.'s African Black Soap for Dry Skin

Since our black soap includes shea butter, it will greatly benefit those who suffer from dry, itchy skin. However, if you find that your skin is still feeling dry after you can try using less since a little bit of soap goes a long way here.


It’s also important to use moisturizer after showering or bathing, especially if you have dry and during winter months.


African Black Soap for Oily Skin

Yaqinah & Co.'s African black soap is great for both oily and acne-prone skin. The reason for this is that it is extremely efficient for deep pore cleansing because of its natural exfoliating qualities. Even if you have oily skin it’s recommended that you moisturize afterward with a non-comedogenic product.


Ways to Use Yaqinah & Co.'s African Black Soap

As Your Regular Body Soap

African Black Soap is excellent to use as your normal everyday body, face, and hand soap. In fact, many people choose to replace their old soap for Yaqinah & Co.’s African Black Soap.


As an Exfoliant

Yaqinah & Co.'s African black soap is often used as a deep cleanser due to its exfoliating properties. If you want to use it this way, just be sure not to rub too hard to avoid irritating your skin.


To Make Homemade Body Scrub

To make a homemade body scrub with Yaqinah & Co.'s African Black soap simply mix black soap with brown or white sugar and use it as a scrub. Simply dissolve the soap the same way you should for making body wash and add the sugar. Be sure to shake the bottle or stir the container before each use.


Storing  Yaqinah & Co.'s African Black Soap

In order to ensure you get the most life out of Yaqinah & Co.'s African black soap it’s important to make sure you’re storing it properly. Since African black soap contains a high amount of glycerin the soap can soften and slowly disintegrate if left exposed.


For this reason, it’s important not to allow it to sit in a puddle after use. Be sure to keep it dry in order to prevent it from dissolving. Storing the bar on a wooden soap dish is recommended.


It’s also important to understand Yaqinah & Co.'s African Black Soap can develop a thin white-colored film when exposed to the air. This is not mold and does not affect the quality of your soap.

Winter Skin Care

Posted on January 10, 2015 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (113)

Being a 100% natural product it’s very soothing on the skin – none of the harsh chemicals found in your normal face-soap. But it doesn’t stop there: Yaqinah & Co. African black soap also contains vitamin A and E as well as Cocoa butter or Shea butter – depending on the soap you choose.

Besides using our Black Soap, here are some other winter tips from Best Skin Care.

1. Switch Your Soap with other milder alternatives – Water alone can cleanse your skin, and when you add soap in the scenario, it doubles up its oil stripping work making your skin drier and drier. If you noticed how dry your skin becomes after washing your face or after taking a bath, try switching your bath soap with milder ones like liquid cream soaps or even oatmeal exfoliating cleanser (the real one! Not from bottles). Get a heap of the oatmeal granules and then add warm water to it. Rub to your skin and rinse it off. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Even those with eczema can use this method.

2. Pay attention to your Face cleansers – there’s no one size fits all when it comes to skin care for all seasons, but Yaqinah & Co. Skinsational Facial Cleanser is a great start. You might not having problems with your Skin Care products now, but in the long run, you might see them irritating to your skin during winter. Yaqinah & Co. understands your skin and you need to know that your skin has different needs based on season. Yaqinah & Co.’s Skinational line of skin products it made with a familiarity to your skin; isn’t it about time you became familiar with us!

3. Avoid Hot Baths – Hot baths can make your skin dry by removing the oils from your skin. This is easy to deal with since instead of using hot water, you can instead use lukewarm water for taking a bath. Try adding Yaqinah & Co. Dead Sea Mineral Salts for an added treat an extra moisture.

– Avocado mask is an effective way to lock in moisture to the skin and even adds moisture to it. You can use honey too as part of it since it has soothing and antibacterial properties. Mashed avocado and then add honey. Spread evenly to your face and rinse with warm water….

So now you have a few more tips to protect your skin in the harsh winter environment. But remember to treat your skin to Yaqinah & Co. Skinsational products.