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Essence of Yaqinah Ornate Bottle



Nothing comes close to the Essence of Yaqinah in the sheer transcendence and sublimity our head turning signature scent! There are few fragrances that have as complex a scent spectrum as Essence of Yaqinah Oil.

This delightful fragrance for men or women makes a bold, yet subtle statement wherever you go. Essence of Yaqinah is made with Agarwood Oil, also known as Oudh oil, Aloeswood oil, and many other names depending location. It is extremely rare and precious natural oil obtained from several species of Agarwood (Aquilaria sp.) trees. Agarwood is an aphrodisiac, both in oil form, and as incense. Become more aware of the beauty within you as men and women will be irresistibly attracted to you as you pass without saying a word.



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